Are you constantly fighting a voice that is telling you that you are not being a good parent?
Is your youngest child about to start school or leave home?
Are you trying to be your child’s best friend?
Do you find it difficult to set (and keep) boundaries?
Are you worried that the decisions you make may have a permanent, negative affect on your child?
Are you struggling to balance parenting with your own needs?

Whatever your challenge, I am here to help…

Wouldn’t it be nice if our kids came with a users manual that outlined what is required of us at each stage of parenting?
But there isn’t, so we are often left with the feeling that we could do more…
If we only had a checklist of what needs to be done, we could do it and move the focus back to our own life for a bit.
Every stage of child development has its own challenges that translate into the need for parents to change and grow right alongside their child. Parenting, like child development is not stagnant, it is constantly evolving.
How many times have you felt relief that you have finally ‘figured it out’ only to discover the next day a NEW behaviour or challenge as your child grows again! – at least it never gets boring!

As a coach I help women to;

  • Parent confidently
  • Navigate parenting/child (family) transitions while continuing to nurture a close bond with their child
  • Understand that the mission of parents and children is the same
  • More comfortably hold boundaries with your child
  • Discover how to find common ground
  • Negotiate how to work as a family team
  • Leave the social pressures behind
  • Find the balance between being a parent and being a person
  • Be the parent they truly want to be!

Finally, and this is a BIGGY…

  • Give yourself permission to be enough for yourself and not just your children. Pursue your own dreams! 

So what does working with me look like?

Stories from clients


We will work together for 6 weeks, having an hour-long coaching session each week. We will explore what isn’t working for you right now, digging down to what your bigger goals are and making a plan for what’s next. We’ll do this using a solution-focused model that is concise, goal driven and focused on meeting you exactly where you are. Add to this my passion for creativity and mindfulness and you can be sure that we’ll explore these tools with a view to getting some serious awareness going on as well as exploring how to deal with set backs and blocks.

For these 6 sessions we meet via Zoom or by phone if you prefer.


The Balanced Parent Programme 

Cost £897

Are you ready to leave overwhelm behind and feel more balanced in your life?

    • Want to feel confident making parenting decisions?
    • Ready to feel like you are all on the same team?
    • Want to leave behind feeling exhausted from doing everything for your child and help them understand the importance of doing things for themselves?
    • Ready to spend more time on your life rather than being dragged into sorting out everyone else’s?


    6 x 1-hour coaching sessions

    Email and telephone support

    If you are ready to finally feel like you have a handle on parenting… then lets do this!

Gaining confidence around your parenting is a great place to begin your coaching journey, but it need not stop there. I love the quote:
 Be the adult you want your child to be”

as it REALLY puts into perspective what is important.

 You are the greatest mentor your child will ever have. Striving to understand ourselves and be the best version of ourselves is a wonderful process for our children to witness. The highs and the lows…
I invite you to use coaching to support you in this.  Being the adult you want your child to be not only allows you to lead the way, but it firmly puts you both in that same space… just out of your comfort zone…
So, if you are sick of struggling with your parenting and never getting a chance to dust off your own dreams from before you had your kids, then lets talk!

Why I developed the Programme…

Along my journey I have witnessed countless other professional, intelligent, creative, amazing women tussle with the competing expectations places on mothers in our society.  We are so luck to live in a world where we are to DO and BE ANYTHING we want, but that makes us feel like we have to DO and BE EVERYTHING and it is EXHAUSTING. We expect ourselves to be the ideal parent, the ideal partner and the ideal worker. The truth is there are only 24 hours in the day, so WE HAVE TO CHOOSE what is most important for us. How do we find and live our own balanced life? No one can tell us, we need to look inwardly to find our own Clarity, Focus and Confidence – this is what I am here to help you with…


What happens next?

Book a Discovery call with me!

 A Discovery Session is not a coaching session, it is a 30 minute chat where we begin to get to know each other and you are encouraged to ask whatever questions you would like about the coaching process, the programme and about me!

Click here to book your FREE 30-Minute Online Discovery Session.

During this session we discover it we are a good fit to work together.

You can decide at the end of our call to set up a day and time for our weekly sessions, or take some time to think it over. 

Prefer not to book a call just yet? No probelm, simply, complete the EXPRESS AN INTEREST form below and I will send you and email in the next week or so.

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If you are keen to get started why not  head over to my resource page for some material to get the process kick started 🙂  

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a Discovery Session?

    A Discovery Session is not a coaching session, it is a 30 minute chat (you can book here) where we begin to get to know each other and you are encouraged to ask whatever questions you would like about the coaching process, the package or about me. (After this session if we decide we are a good fit to work together set up our weekly sessions.) just put that extra in top.

    How do we meet?

    We meet virtually on Zoom.  This allows us to hear and see each other and also to share screens if we wish to.  If you would like to know more about Zoom please visit them here

    How much does it cost?

    My Balanced Parent Programme costs £897.

    What is included in the Programme?
    This package includes 6 Coaching Sessions of one hour each.

    Email contact and support between sessions is also included.

    How do I pay?

    If you request to initiate a coaching programme with me you will be invoiced following our first initial FREE 30 minute Discovery Session.  This invoice will include any additional services you have selected.  Payment of this invoice is required prior to our scheduled coaching session.

    How much coaching do I need to feel different?

    The number of session required varies from person to person, and often depends on what goals you set for yourself. The 6-week programme gives us a good chance to address initial concerns and gives you a great insight into the magnitude of the possible change.  In the final weeks of the programme we will discuss if you would like to continue and what that may look like for you.

    How long will I need to get coaching for?

    This varies enormously from person to person.  The intent of coaching is that you have the initial few months of weekly sessions and you come back to it for support throughout your life whenever you feel the need.  For some people gaining the focus, techniques and process from one program can allow them to be self-sufficient in the long term and they only look for support during very stressful times.  For others they like to touch base every few months to do a check-in. 

    What is involved in a coaching session?

    In your first session we establish your goals for the overall programme, explore how you will know if you have achieved these goals and address any immediate needs you have around current issues. Each subsequent session we will establish how you feel about the progress (or not) that you have made.  We work through the issues together and you choose what is the most important items to be address in our time together. 

    Are the sessions confidential?

    Sessions are completely confidential in line with the International Coach Federation code of ethics.  There are two exceptions to this, which will be outlined in the Coaching Agreement you will be asked to sign before we begin working together. These exceptions are:

    1. If I consider my client is a risk to themselves or another person I am obliged to disclose this.
    2. I keep a coaching log. This is a requirement of my ongoing certification with the International Coach Federation. This log contains the name and contact details of my clients. My coaching log remains completely confidential, however if I am audited by the ICF I may be requested to disclose these details so ICF can verify that coaching has occurred.
    What is a Coaching Agreement?

    A Coaching Agreement is a document that I will ask you to sign before we begin coaching.  The Coaching Agreement outlines the terms of our agreement together and stipulates things such as confidentiality, payment, timeframes, and the way we will be working together.

    Can you coach my child?

    Yes, I can and do coach children.  Before I do so we will have a discussion regarding the aims of the coaching session.  I am certified to administer the Murphy-Meisgeier Type Indicator for Children (MMTIC) which provides personality type information similar to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator for adults.