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What clients say…

Living the dream as my own boss!

Mother of two
Proud Small Business Owner
United Kingdom

I started work with Tina as I had been contemplating starting my own business for over 5 years.  Once my husband and I made the decision to stay in our current location, I knew there was no better time to begin, but I seemed to be continually coming up with excuses for getting started.

Tina & her skills really changed my life.

Mother of three
Student & Home School Teacher
United Kingdom

I was stuck, I wanted to make big changes to the way we lived our life and I had all these thoughts in my head but I felt unable to sort through them. I felt like to my friends they would be ridiculous and far from the ‘norm’. I knew my friends would discourage me & my fears would stop me. Those thoughts would never leave my mind.

Removing the guilt of putting my family first.

Mother of three
Part Time School Science Technician
Canberra, Australia

Two years ago my youngest child started school. I felt lost and had no self-confidence. I had dedicated the previous 10 years of my life to being there for the kids. Blessed, as I was to have the time to focus on kids with the support of my husband, I was not prepared on that first day of school, I felt many new emotions. 

Balancing my hopes for my daughter with my own hopes and dreams

Mother of one
National Grid
United Kingdom

I would highly recommend Tina to anyone looking for an excellent Life Coach. Tina provided support and guidance to me during a particularly challenging period of my life. I was a new mum and for the first time, I had to balance my hopes for my daughter with my own hopes and dreams. She gave me clarity and practical advice as to how to tackle that specific situation in a way that left me feeling empowered and confident. I highly appreciated her honest and straight forward approach. She is a unique professional with insight, intelligence and interpersonal warmth. She helped clear the path for me to realize my potential to achieve my desired life goals. In a nutshell, Tina is a rare gem, fantastic coach, and simply a delightful human being!

I highly recommend choosing Tina as your coach! 

Leadership & Life Coach


Tina was great in supporting me when I was approaching an important life decision. She is a wonderful and non-judgemental listener who enables a safe space to think things through. She is also able to challenge you to help you look at things from different perspectives, and she was a big part in inspiring me to move my decision forward. I was fortunate to meet Tina and can highly recommend choosing her as your coach!

I got the clarity I needed to start taking tangible steps towards making my ambitions a reality.

Mother of two
United Kingdom 

I started the Revitalise Programme after leaving the job I’d held for the previous 6 years and feeling unsure of what I would do next. Although I had an idea of what my ideal career would be it was completely different to what I’ve done in the past and I lacked the confidence, qualifications or experience to go for it.

Tina gave me the clarity I needed to start taking tangible steps towards making my ambitions a reality. Tina and the ladies in my group were incredibly supportive, positive and encouraging and made me feel capable of achieving my goals. Knowing we had a session set aside each week to discuss our progress also gave me the structure and motivation I needed to stop procrastinating and start getting on with it! Having the opportunity to share our experiences in a group setting helped me to realise there are plenty of other people in the same boat – it was great to meet others in a similar situation and realise that we shared a lot of common barriers to making our next move.

Since competing the programme I have started working part-time in my chosen field and started a college course to gain a relevant qualification. I would definitely recommend the Revitalise Programme to anyone who feels they may have reached a crossroads and would benefit from some guidance, focus and confidence-building around what to do next.

Group Work

I love working with groups and always learn something new from participants.  It never ceases to amaze me the magic that happens when there is a safe space and a wealth of life experience in the room!

“I attended a brilliant workshop run by Tina. This was a great opportunity to think about my career and work options away from busy homelife. Tina introduced me to new ways of looking at my work/life balance as well as what I wanted to get out of my working life. Would highly recommend to anyone at a crossroads.”


“Doing group coaching with Tina gave me the confidence to believe in myself again. For that I will be forever grateful. “



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