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Are you a woman in transition or an aspiring coach?

I offer individual and group coaching, training and mentoring.  To discover more about the transitions we women face head over to my ‘I work with Women in Transition’ Blog.

Below are the services I offer. If you have any questions, please contact me 🙂


Women in transition

Mothers in transition 

Both individually and group programmes 



Aspiring Coaches

Women in transition via a Learning Hub (coming soon)


Aspiring Coaches

ICF Coaches renewing their accreditaion

For Mothers in Transition

I can supporting you to balance ‘being enough’ for your children with ‘being enough’ for yourself via 6 personalised 1:1 coaching sessions.

I do this by helping mums find clarity, focus, confidence and a plan around not only their parenting, but also their own personal direction.

Together, as thinking partners, we look to find your balance, joy, a deep family connection as well as something fulfilling for you outside your family.  

We grow as our children grow… but parents have growing pains too!

Ready to get clarity?

Parenting is hard!

But at the same time possibly the most rewarding thing we will ever do…

We are not taught how to parent; we just have to make it up as we go along. We are all doing the best we can. But armed with some key information, concepts and powerful coaching support you can set a firm foundation for a strong, positive life-long relationship.  You don’t have to figure it out alone, or all at once; we are going to work together to make parenting more balanced, enjoyable, less-stressful, more fulfilling and yes, easier!

“Thank you Tina. I will always be extremely grateful to you and the Programme. You were the springboard that got me to jump, reconnect and believe in myself again.” 

Nina, UK Armed Forces Spouse Development Programme 2021

We all struggle with the crazy demands of modern life, but we don’t want these demands to allow us to miss the essential moments which create deep, loving connections with our children. Navigating this is HARD, I know, I am still doing it…

But the rewards are enormous…

Are you ready to…

  • Stop second guessing yourself?
  • Start working as a family team?
  • Grow stronger family bonds?
  • Trust yourself?
  • Get support?
  • Give yourself permission to follow your own dreams?

These are some of the goals I help my clients work through in our sessions so they can feel confident in their parenting, more connected with their children and more able to give themselves permission to follow their own personal direction.

I would love to help you too...

“I would recommend coaching to anyone who needs a little direction in life. I have found it an incredible experience, far better than I could have imagined. It has opened my eyes to life’s greater picture, allowed me to acknowledge what is important in my life and find a path for the future that will have challenges, but also great rewards. Tina you have changed my life in 12 one-hour sessions, thanks, you are awesome.”

Bethwyn Hollaway, Canberra, Australia


Is coaching for you?

Although coaching results are different for everyone, there are four key areas I focus on with clients



Get clear on what being a parent really means to you. Understand why your child can press all your buttons. Step outside the doing to get clarity around what you’re aiming for and what your kids are aiming for. You might be surprised how closely aligned these are. Identify the blocks that are stopping you being the parent you want to be. I’ll guide you through the tough questions as we explore the awesome potential around including your children wholeheartedly in your parenting journey – working as a team. I help you build a clear picture of what you really want for your family life into the future and how you can be the parent you really want to be – without so much guilt… 



I help you create a plan with the end in mind. Coaching is a stepping-stone to the rest of your life. Many people find coaching life-changing, some people do one coaching program and don’t feel the need for any more, others return to coaching during challenging times in their life.  A few people find the coaching experience so rewarding that they become coaches themselves…


The curse of the parent is that you are ‘damned if you do and damned if you don’t’… Staying on track can be bloody tough and helping the rest of the family stay on track too can be even tougher! You no longer have to do it alone. Doubt is the greatest enemy of the parent, I know because I have constantly doubted and second-guessed my parenting decisions throughout my parenting journey.  I will share with you my unique tool kit including key touchstones to hold you steady when things get tough, trusty strategies you can put in place as your child grows to ensure a deep, lifelong connection, how to locate and trust your intuition to confidently make wise but sometimes tough decisions, and how to evaluate your progress without judgment. 


I get it – parenting can be exhausting sometimes. Add this to an already overloaded schedule and you get chaos… Being able to ‘do it all’ is a myth – there are only 24 hours a day and we are told at least 8 of these are needed for sleep… So, what are the most important parts of your life? Where does your focus need to be right now? What’s working? What isn’t? Do things need to change? What goals and aspirations might need to be put on hold, and which ones need to be jumped at right now? Only you can decide…  Focus on what needs to happen to get you to feeling in control. We will work on building your emotional resilience and you’ll learn new tools to manage overwhelm and stress. Get ready to get a birds eye view of your life and invite in the calm and increased focus.



Together we will balance your heart and your head; get you clear, focused, confident in your parenting and your own personal direction.


Let’s create a plan for the future…